Major field of study: Embedded Systems

From the wintersemester 2014/15 on students of RUB's Electrical Engineering and Information Technology master can choose the new major field of study "Embedded Systems". The new major is coordinated by Prof. Michael Hübner.

Eingebettete_Systeme_image Whether it's household appliances, mobile phones, planes, cars or factories - embedded systems already make for an efficient workflow. Their importance will grow with the planned crosslinking of all electrical devices, the so called "Internet of Things". Due to many limitations designing them is very extensive: Often only restricted energy resources and space are available, the costs for design and components have to be kept down.

This interdisciplinary study programme allows an excellent qualification in the field of "Embedded Systems". The students will learn to design extensive systems consisting of hardware, software and their coding. Topics like multicore, embedded Linux and virtual prototyping also are parts of the curriculum. Module packages like system and soft­ware en­gi­nee­ring, medical engineering, se­cu­ri­ty, au­to­ma­tion (cy­ber-phy­si­cal sys­tems) and acous­tics make for an individual focus in the major field of study.

The modulpackages are to be understood as a proposal and need not necessarily be chosen course. They serve only as a possible compilation of lectures to give a general direction to the own orientation of the Master Program.