Accelerating Image Processing Algorithms for the RADIO Project’s Assistant Robot System

Fynn Schwiegelshohn, Muhammed Soubhi Al Kadi, Philipp Wehner, Philipp Smoluk, Michael Hübner, Diana Göhringer

Jasperneite J., Lohweg V. (eds) Kommunikation und Bildverarbeitung in der Automation. Technologien für die intelligente Automation (Technologies for Intelligent Automation). Springer Vieweg, Berlin, Heidelberg


This paper presents an acceleration method for an image processing algorithm from the RADIO EU project. The algorithm was profiled and the compute intensive tasks were then mapped on programmable hardware. The accelerator design was done with Vivado HLS. The accelerator implements the image processing algorithm as OpenCL kernel and optimizes its performance based on the analysis of the generated hardware. However, the OpenCL code does not reach acceptable speedups when implemented as is. For better performance, several optimizations steps have to be exceuted. The results show that software generated as hardware on programmable hardware can reach a speedup of up to 1.32. For this, further knowledge of the underlying hardware is required.

tags: Accelerating, algorithms, Assistant, Image, processing, Project, Radio, robot, System