IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI 2017)

02.07.2017 - Michael Hübner

The IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI will be held from July 3-5, 2017 ...

ThinkSilicon Low Power Processors

16.12.2016 - Michael Hübner

I visited Think Silicon in order to get a better picture about their graphics technology. ...

new book available about "Near Threshold Computing"

20.11.2015 - Daniela Horn

Prof. Cristina Silvano and Prof. Hübner are co-editors of the new Springer book about „Near ...

Fynn Schwiegelshohn finalist in Xilinx Design Contest

23.10.2015 - Daniela Horn

Fynn Schwiegelshohn became finalist of this year’s Xilinx Design Contest. more information

David Hillerkuss awarded Charles Kao Award 2015

15.07.2015 - Daniela Horn

This year's Charles Kao award of the IEEE Communication Society is awarded to David Hillerkuss. ...

New Research Project on Development of Exascale Computing Architectures

25.06.2015 - Daniela Horn

The new “Horizon 2020”-project EXTRA deals with the development of computers that are up to ...

EU-Project RADIO has started

21.05.2015 - Daniela Horn

At the beginning of April, the EU-project "RADIO: Robots in Assisted Living Environments" has started ...

RUB Research School's International Realisation Budget (IRB) granted to Benedikt Janßen

20.05.2015 - Daniela Horn

Benedikt Janßen receives International Realisation Budget (IRB) grant of RUB Research School more information

Talk by Rudy Lauwereins (imec) on February 3, 2015

23.01.2015 - Daniela Horn

On February 3, 2015, Rudy Lauwerens, Vice President of imec, will be following an invitation ...

New from WS 2014/15 on: Embedded Systems as a major field of study

12.08.2014 - Farina Fabricius

From the next semester on students of RUB's Electrical Engineering and Information Technology master can ...