new book available about "Near Threshold Computing"

20.11.2015 - Daniela Horn

Prof. Cristina Silvano and Prof. Hübner are co-editors of the new Springer book about „Near Threshold Computing". Follow the link below to find out more:

Fynn Schwiegelshohn finalist in Xilinx Design Contest

23.10.2015 - Daniela Horn

Fynn Schwiegelshohn became finalist of this year’s Xilinx Design Contest.

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David Hillerkuss awarded Charles Kao Award 2015

15.07.2015 - Daniela Horn

This year's Charles Kao award of the IEEE Communication Society is awarded to David Hillerkuss.

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New Research Project on Development of Exascale Computing Architectures

25.06.2015 - Daniela Horn

horizon The new “Horizon 2020”-project EXTRA deals with the development of computers that are up to 1,000 times faster than is possible nowadays. The project is funded by the EU and starts in September 2015.

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EU-Project RADIO has started

21.05.2015 - Daniela Horn

Radio_Logo_Small At the beginning of April, the EU-project "RADIO: Robots in Assisted Living Environments" has started

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